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Ésaïe 52:8 La voix de tes sentinelles retentit; Elles élèvent la voix, Elles poussent ensemble des cris d'allégresse; Car de leurs propres yeux elles voient Que l'Éternel ramène Sion.

Apocalypse 1 : 3 Heureux celui qui lit et ceux qui entendent les paroles de la prophétie, et qui gardent les choses qui y sont écrites! Car le temps est proche

L’historique  / About Us

I come from a Catholic family. One night, while I was asleep, the devil took me away from home. I found myself walking in the streets without knowing what was going on. My parents picked me up at a distance of 25 miles from the house. I had lost my senses, I did not recognize anyone.

 It was in November 1975. I started to regain consciousness however, I was not feeling well.  I became sick, the days went by and my situation worsened. For 12 days, from May 1 to May 12, I was in a coma. Literally, I was dead.

My father did not know what to do. He was Catholic like my mother and did not know the virtues of prayer. They agreed and decided to seek help from the Bokor (priest, witch doctor of the Voodoo religion who also plays the role of doctor). They took me there by night and they all spent the evening drinking. The next morning, they finally discussed my case. The voodoo priest could do nothing and told them, still drunk with tafia (sort of rum made of sugarcane juice): "He is already dead, there is no hope". At these words, my mother felt her entrails tear. Maternal love guiding her, she said that she needed to  have another opinion.

Pastor Valmont lived in the neighborhood. He was the Pastor of….. Church.   My parents went to see him and asked him to pray for me for the last time. It was better that I live the last hours of my life assisted by a pastor. When they arrived at his house, he asked my mother if she wanted me to be converted to Christianity. She replied, "Revive my son first". The pastor replied back: "If it is God's will, he will die, if it is the will of the devil, he will not die. " And he added, "God needs him to go all over the world to preach his gospel." He stretched out his hands and prayed for me to come back to life. That day, I witnessed the power of God. My eyes began to open, I heard people talking, I heard a song from far away, and it was the sound of angels coming from heaven to welcome me into the great Christian family.  When I regained consciousness, I converted to Christianity. I felt like in the arms of my Savior.

Now, I am a son of God. I realize that I could not keep quiet; I have to tell everyone what God did for me, and what He could do for them. That's how I went on a missionary trip. During this mission, to my great surprise, God allowed me to meet a young woman, Naomi, who would become my wife.

I met Naomi in July 1978 and we got married in August 1981. We were blessed with four children: Joshua, Dominique Jr., Vanessa and Jetro.

One of my beloved children died of a gunshot. Instead of discouraging us, my wife and I decided to preach with tenacity the word of God. My wife took the initiative to go on the air to tell everyone how much Christ loves us and why He died for us; especially for the Ismael family.

Roc Solide FM

Our evangelistic radio program started on February 3, 2014. At the beginning, Roc Solide was only a weekly program that broadcasted every Monday night on Radio Sharma. At the end of 2017, God decided to give us our own radio station. We went from the Roc Solide broadcast to Radio Roc Solid FM in early 2018

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